Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Artist, Happy Customer and the Elusive Ribbon

I woke up this morning thinking about sales and what it takes to be able to sell one's artwork. It isn't always easy as I'm sure most of my artist colleagues can attest to. As I'm getting ready for my 2nd show, in a string of shows 4 in 4 weeks, my work is always top of mind. But when you are doing something you love it's not bothersome, or at least mostly it's not.

So I wake up and think, 'how can I make this show better than the last? I did well last weekend in sales, but no ribbon.' Hmmmm... I like winning stuff, who doesn't? But not for it's competitive aspect, I absolutely HATE the thought of someone thinking that I think I'm better than someone else. NONE could be farther from the truth. But that all being said, I do enjoy winning, but only because it is a testament to my personal commitment to always strive to put my best foot forward. When I do pull this off, it usually results in high sales, but not always a ribbon. I wonder why that is? There must be an element that I am missing to my booth presentation.

So what makes a customer (and a judge!) happy when they come into an artists booth? Obviously they come in because SOMETHING CATCHES THEIR EYE. But what can I do to really keep them enthralled and engage while they are IN my booth? Being a collector of other artists' work (yes, artists can buy art too!), I don't look for just a nice piece of art, but I want to know about the artist as well. Why did they create this? What made them want to share it with me? What's the story? So you're not just buying a 'thing' you're also buying a feeling or an emotion or an experience. These make me as a customer connect with the artist and make me want to buy "a piece" of that person.

Ok, so let's switch it back to me. What can I do to give someone "the total experience"? If I could, I would bring my whole studio with me and show everyone how I get to work, how I am inspired to do what I do. But maybe I can bring pieces of my studio with me and I can create a space where the customer feels like they are in my studio! Bingo.

So as I'm wrapping up getting artwork ready for this weekend, I need to take some time to find those little touches that will give my audience the experience they desire... and somehow still find room in my car for me to actually drive it to the show!

If you're an artist reading this, I hope you have found this helpful. I plan to write more entries like this. And if you are a customer, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

Have a lovely day :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scenes of Cincinnati: A Solo Exhibition of the works of Kate Albert

Well I have to say I'm totally psyched about my upcoming exhibit. Actually I have TWO in November! ...and an art show every weekend in that month also. What was I thinking?? I better get some work done!!

But this is a big deal for me. I'm beginning to gain momentum as an artist and I am NOT slowing down.

But while all of this is happening, I cannot lost sight of what's important. Remembering my roots, where I come from, where I'm going, where I want to go, and always giving credit to those who have helped (and are still helping!) me along the way... As an artist, I think these things are vital to success.

And never losing your drive to create.

Below is the ad for the show. Please do share with your friends and family if you feel compelled to do so... Especially if they like Cincinnati.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

I realize this particular post has nothing to do with art, but since I'm going out for dinner this evening it has me thinking about food – GOOD food. There are SO many great places in Cincinnati to strap on the feedbag. Of course, I don't mean pigging out when you go out to eat, but some places the food is so good, you may feel like doing just that!

I've compiled a short list of places that I believe to have the best burger, Italian, Thai, Fish, etc... Try them for yourself, or if you already have, maybe just give a thumbs up for agreeing. And, P.S. I have no affiliation with any of these places. I just believe in getting the most out your money and a great dining experience!

Best Burger

It seems like Five Guys restaurants are popping up everywhere! They spoil us with their reasonable prices and quick service... It seems like they should be dubbed the "best burger in town." But wait! What if you don't like a burger with all that fluff. Where is one supposed to turn for a simple grilled melt-in-your-mouth patty of ground beef? ...Ready? Wait for it... By Golly's! It may not be the fanciest place in town, but by golly, it gets the job done. A friendly atmosphere, with good people and great food (and they serve beer too! Sorry Five Guys, but that's a deal-breaker!).

Best Italian Food

This one is tricky, because a lot of it, I think, depends on what kind of sauces you like and they definitely vary from one chef's kitchen to the next. Ferrari's in Madeira has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Not only is their food authentic, but they have a quaint, "Little Italy" atmosphere that just makes for a wonderful experience. And they make fresh bread! Big thumbs up for Ferrari's...

Fish that's Not Fishy

I LOVE salmon. Two great salmon dishes I have found in the city can be found at Ferrari's Little Italy in Madeira and at The Cheesecake Factory in Kenwood. Both come with a mild sauce that perfectly compliment the fish without taking away from the taste or texture.

Best Asian Cuisine

Lemongrass. Period. It's on Madison Road in Norwood/Hyde Park.

Well, I'm out of time for today. I'm sure I'll come up with more tasty ideas after I've posted this. But we'll save that for another day. :)


~ Kate

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's shaping out to be a BIG year!

With the blooming flowers comes many new and exciting possibilities! I will be in more art shows in 2012 than ever before... I finally finished the Downy woodpecker back in January... A new painting, The Cincinnati Observatory, part of the Cincinnati Scenes, was born from the super crazy idea I had to surprise my husband on his 30th birthday with this new painting (worth it! but never again!!!)... and now, I am painting an Adirondack back rocking chair for Pro Seniors, a non-profit organization that provides free legal and long-term care help to older adults.

Many know that I have a difficult time staying on one painting until it is completely finished, but this piece has been an exception... with a deadline creeping ever closer (beginning of July). I’ve also been asked to take pictures along the way so that they might be used to help promote the event, “Rock on for Seniors.” Since well known artist C.F. Payne was not able to participate this year, I was pursued as one of their featured artists, and asked to paint something “Cincinnati themed.” ...Gulp...

So, no pressure!

I’m sure it will turn out more than fine, and I am very much looking forward to attending the event in August. Let’s hope this bad boy turns out awesome and fetches Pro Seniors some good money! ..And, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the final product turned up somewhere in a newspaper article.
Stay tuned, and check out to follow my progress... Rock On!


"High on the Hog In the Queen City"  (approximately 8 hours into it)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The End is in Sight and More to Come!

Right now, I'm enjoying a glass of Valley Vineyard's Concord wine, celebrating my near completion of the Downy at painting. It will be done this week, and the wine was going to spoil, so here I am... It really is coming together nicely and I am excited to get started on the Great Smoky Mountains painting once again. I have a fairly firm deadline for this thing to be completed by the first of May. Partly due to the fact that I have another project hanging over my head (Hyde Park), but mostly just because I want to see it done.

I'd like to open up the lines of communication for my next project. I could use a little encouragement, but also I would like some suggestions. Part of what I really enjoy about painting is including the suggestions of others. I feel like I'm putting little pieces of my friends, family and relationships into my work.

So... if anyone has any photos or memories you would like to share, I encourage you to do so. Who knows, it may just end up as one of my little "bet-ya-didn't-see-that-at-first-glance" things that I like to hide in my paintings. A kind of, "Where's Waldo" thing I like to do with each piece :)

Thanks for engaging in another one of my blog entries!



Sunday, January 8, 2012


This is my first post... How exciting! So far, I'm not impressed with my font choices here. ;)  

Well, it's a new year and new and exciting things are happening in my world... I'm nearing completion of my 8th bird painting - this being of a male downy woodpecker (pictured below). The "bird paintings" (as I've come to call them) tend to get more complicated and detailed for each that I do, and therefore, become more time consuming. I would love to gain greater detail in my work with less effort and in less time one of these days, but all in good time I suppose.

When this project is complete, I have plans to pick back up where I left off on my "Great Smoky Mountains National Park" painting. It has been stuck on the easel since Jan/Feb 2010. I'm tired of neglecting it, so it's my next priority.

Also in the works is a fresh rendering for my plans of another collage style painting, Cincinnati-themed of course, of Hyde Park Square, and will not only include "the Square", but also the Cincinnati Observatory and Ault Park. While I am excited to work on this idea, it is always a possibility that it will get pushed aside for something else. In the meantime, I am always open to suggestions on other project ideas or something that you may wish to see in one of these projects in progress.

Thanks for reading my first entry! And please, stay tuned!

~ Kate Albert