Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's shaping out to be a BIG year!

With the blooming flowers comes many new and exciting possibilities! I will be in more art shows in 2012 than ever before... I finally finished the Downy woodpecker back in January... A new painting, The Cincinnati Observatory, part of the Cincinnati Scenes, was born from the super crazy idea I had to surprise my husband on his 30th birthday with this new painting (worth it! but never again!!!)... and now, I am painting an Adirondack back rocking chair for Pro Seniors, a non-profit organization that provides free legal and long-term care help to older adults.

Many know that I have a difficult time staying on one painting until it is completely finished, but this piece has been an exception... with a deadline creeping ever closer (beginning of July). I’ve also been asked to take pictures along the way so that they might be used to help promote the event, “Rock on for Seniors.” Since well known artist C.F. Payne was not able to participate this year, I was pursued as one of their featured artists, and asked to paint something “Cincinnati themed.” ...Gulp...

So, no pressure!

I’m sure it will turn out more than fine, and I am very much looking forward to attending the event in August. Let’s hope this bad boy turns out awesome and fetches Pro Seniors some good money! ..And, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the final product turned up somewhere in a newspaper article.
Stay tuned, and check out Facebook.com/katealbertart to follow my progress... Rock On!


"High on the Hog In the Queen City"  (approximately 8 hours into it)

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